Internationaal Zero Suicide Summit – Beyond the tipping point

Zero Suicide is a global movement that has mobilized professionals in the field of suicide prevention across the globe to cooperate in research and share prevention. “Beyond the Tipping Point” is the fourth international summit where experts and professionals came together to share thoughts and knowledge in the belief that suidice is preventable.

During this two day event, suicide prevention experts and professionals from all over the world met each other. In addition, they have had the opportunity to listen to a range of speakers sharing their valuable experience and providing inspiration. The intention was to be as interactive as possible to ensure we enable practitioners in the field to take action together.


International summit, Rotterdam


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Purpose of the event: Learning about, sharing thoughts, and working on the future of the Zero Suicide movement together. Making the zero suicide declaration 2.0 together to take action and to share all over the world.

Before and during the event we created video content with the international speakers with their view on Zero Suicide and the ‘tipping point’. These videos were shared by all speakers all over the world in the months after the summit. The informal part of the event: sit down diner in the floating paviljon Rotterdam.

Leisure programme: all visitors arrived from diffrent parts of the world (20 nationalities) the Sunday before the summit. The kick off was in Hotel New York (USA-Rotterdam connection) and we suprised the guests with a comedy walk in the city (after a wild ride in the watertaxi’s of course).

“We’ve now hosted five of these global summits and what you and the team brought to this engagement was unparalleled. You and your team were critical partners helping us facilitate and design think our way through the next steps for Zero Suicide implementation. From everybody’s infectious and indefatigable enthusiasm and just joyful can-do spirit to the engaging the rest of the world coaching of Mister Red Shoes… this event strengthened our work and helped us craft a revised international declaration that will catapult us forward. Of course, there was also the break-out sessions and the video recaps that were such high level and credibility boosting!”

David Covington , CEO President RI International